Your pipeline for fine aircraft and automobiles.

So, why us?

With over 21 years in the high-end automobile industry and a lifetime of watching a family owned aircraft brokerage thrive, we aim to make connections between aircraft & fine automobiles and people. We are not only "car guys" through and through,  but also pilots with a strong passion for aviation. Simply stated, that's why we started this business.

This may sound silly at first, but it's hard not to agree that finding that "right" aircraft or auto that you truly desire; one that meets your needs and beats your expectations; and having the confidence of knowing you made the right decision is something that personally we value, and so do our clients. Once you have that high-end piece of machinery, we know you will want to have the value properly recorded, and our appraisal service handles that end of things. 

We "eat, breathe and sleep" this business...We didn't end up in this business on accident. We love both aircraft and fine automobiles. Every transaction must not only meet and exceed your expectations, but also ours. Simple and true. 

We are in the business of good finds, and fine aircraft & automobiles. We look forward to meeting you.

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